In-Mold Decoration

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    In-Mold Decoration        


IML : In Molding Label ,is injection mold decorative inlay technique which is combine printed decorative sheet
with injection molding part technology.
IMR:In molding Roller ,Pet Film-mould transfer printing method,
Product surface film removed , leaving only the ink on the product surface .

Product technology advantage

1. Three-dimensional molding process can increase freedom for design.
2. High brightness , high hardness film cover the products to prevent scratches and wear-resisting.
3. Design and color can change free to change without change mold.
4. Ink layer was caught in the middle of the film , no oxidation , don't wear out , keep product color last longer.
5. Window aere(no printing area) transmittance are very high(95%).
6. Composite molding seamless ,waterproof .

Products use in

Household Appliance:
Decorated electrical appliances control panel for washing machine,refrigerator,air condition,electric cooker,microwave etc ;
Dash board,air conditioner panel,interior decorative parts,shell of automotive lighting,logo etc;
Decorative surface shell and sign for MP3,MP4,computer,VCD,DVD,Flight equipment,Electronic Organizer,Camera ect;
Communication industry:
Mobile telephonekey board,shell,window lens;
Computer Industry:
keyboard,mouse shell;
Cosmetics box, Gift box,Decorate box,Toy,Plastic articles,Sports goods etc;

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